An Ethical, Independent business based in Northamptonshire. Screen Printing Positive Affirmations and Spiritual Symbols on organic cotton clothing infused with Reiki.

My Brand

Sampyl is my independent ethical brand, hand screen printing designs that have been created by me, Apryl, the founder of Sampyl.

My aim is to help improve peoples' mind set with positive affirmations through inspiring designs and to help you to look and feel incredible, with soft and Earth Positive Clothing.

Paige helps with every aspect of the business, she is super fun and fantastic at tie-dying as well as her amazing photography and set design for window displays and photoshoots.

Tom is another awesome photographer who is a part of the important ideas process too.

My mum is a massive part of my inspiration on so many levels. She continuously helps with her incredible spiritual knowledge and does a wonderful job looking after Seth & Lillia for me so I can make even more positive T's.

Thank you all so much. Follow us and be a part of Sampyl's journey on Instagram.

  • EarthPositive®

    Fabric Content and Sustainability

    EarthPositive® 100% organic cotton garments, the most progressive sustainable clothing on Earth.

  • 90% Reduced Carbon Footprint

    EarthPositive® is made in manufacturing facilities powered by green renewable energy, from low-impact raw materials. The carbon footprint of EarthPositive® products has been reduced by some 90% and the calculations were certified under the PAS2050 standard by the Carbon Trust in the UK between 2007-2009.

  • Verified Ethical Manufacture

    100% of the EarthPositive® production undergoes annual audits to comply with the FWF Code of Labour Practices in accordance with the International Labour Organisation’s conventions.